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"Out of Many, One" Friday Talks

run by youth and for youth

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August 21st 2020

Successful trendy businesses are taking over on social media, and some of us may aspire to join and make a profit as a hobby or some of us are thinking about becoming future entrepreneurs. Are we ready to translate our passion into a successful business model? Are we prepared to becoming a jack-of-all-trades to run a small business? Except hard work, resilience and stamina, what are the fundamental skills we need to learn, to delegate, or to engage the help of professional? Are we aware of the difficulties in business operation in global environment? How do we embrace potential opportunities as well as competition challenges?

August 21, 2020

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Mr. Long, an entrepreneur with ~15 years of experiences in small business, shared with us his business insights, hands on experiences and stories of him and many others in the field. Let’s learn together what this business terminology really mean in the real world: international supply chain, import/export, brand marketing, inventory management, cash flow management, packaging/shipping/delivery, customer service, store retailing, online retailing and more.
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