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Read about our International Outreach Program's

past accomplishments


growth over the years!

Second Year Changes:


Upon returning to the states, we sought out new ways to improve the living/learning environment of the kids after being introduced to the conditions during our stay

  • Fundraisers held bi-monthly that went towards a new Nutrition Fund Program

  • Recruitment of new members to distribute student teachers to classes more evenly and provide better content for lessons

Following summer of '18:

11 American youth with their families once again traveled to Feng-Ding Mountain Central Elementary School in Jiang-Xi Province, China

We taught 260 kids ranging from Kindergarten to 6th Grade, including a day spent visiting the middle school that the 6th grade class graduated to

Once again, a 5 day stay in the mountains with lessons and activities planned every day

The new keepsake this year was a dream catcher - to encourage each child to dream big

About our fundraisers:


LHOF Youth Ensemble established to play music during fundraisers

  • 4 members (2 cellists, 1 violinist, 1 flutist)

A total of 4 fundraisers at locations ranging from Celebration, Florida's Farmer Market to venues in Downtown Orlando

New activities:


Life Skill Enhancement:

  • Invited professionals to educate about personal hygiene, dental care, safety and emergency preparedness, etc.

Nutrition Fund​​:

  • Added one protein-rich nutritional meal per child per week for the entire school year in the school

New Decisions:


At this point of the organization, we were ready to recruit more members and expand our travels to a school in a new providence