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growth over the years!

Second Year Changes:


Upon returning to the states, we sought out new ways to improve the living/learning environment of the kids after being introduced to the conditions during our stay

  • Fundraisers held bi-monthly that went towards a new Nutrition Fund Program

  • Recruitment of new members to distribute student teachers to classes more evenly and provide better content for lessons

Following summer of '18:

11 American youth with their families once again traveled to Feng-Ding Mountain Central Elementary School in Jiang-Xi Province, China

We taught 260 kids ranging from Kindergarten to 6th Grade, including a day spent visiting the middle school that the 6th grade class graduated to

Once again, a 5 day stay in the mountains with lessons and activities planned every day

The new keepsake this year was a dream catcher - to encourage each child to dream big

About our fundraisers:


LHOF Youth Ensemble established to play music during fundraisers

  • 4 members (2 cellists, 1 violinist, 1 flutist)

A total of 4 fundraisers at locations ranging from Celebration, Florida's Farmer Market to venues in Downtown Orlando

New activities:


Life Skill Enhancement:

  • Invited professionals to educate about personal hygiene, dental care, safety and emergency preparedness, etc.

Nutrition Fund​​:

  • Added one protein-rich nutritional meal per child per week for the entire school year in the school

New Decisions:


At this point of the organization, we were ready to recruit more members and expand our travels to a school in a new providence

First year of our organization:


8 American youth with their families traveled to Feng-Ding Mountain Central Elementary School of Jiang-Xi Province, China 


We taught 283 kids ranging from Kindergarten level to 6th Grade

It was a 5 day stay in the same dorm with the kids


Our 8 youth members delivered 35 lessons to the kids during those 5 days

As a parting gift, we made snowmen, decorated snow globes that enclosed a penny, nickle, dime, quarter, and $1 bill for each of the kids as a keepsake

Some classroom activities:

  • Beginner's level English lessons

  • American culture and daily life

  • Creative DIYs

  • "Cha-Cha Slide Dance"

  • Team-building games, etc.​

Some notes we took during our stay:

  • The kids' dorms did not have access to hot water or proper plumbing (hot water had to be collected in a bucket downstairs and carried up three flights of stairs every evening)

  • Fleas and head lice was a big problem for girls

  • Student meals did not have enough funds to include needed protein for every meal

Third Year:


Added a West Palm Beach of Florida division to our organization with Headquarters still based in Orlando, Florida

Our team was split into two:

  • One team stationed in our precedent Feng-Ding Mountain Central Elementary School in Jiang-Xi Province, China

  • A new team traveled to Zhai-Ge-Ta School, a joint elementary and middle school in Shan-Xi Providence, China

We reached 500 kids total with both teams

Summer of '19:

Both teams visited the schools for 5 days, ending the stay with a closing ceremony

Keepsake project of this year was a Masquerade mask that they were encouraged to decorate themselves

  • Dedicated 1 class period for each grade out of the week to do this DIY project

  • Set aside a portion of fundraiser budget for masks, paint, feathers, and other decorations



LHOF Youth Ensemble expanded to include more instruments

  • 8 members (2 cellists, 3 violinists, 1 flutist, 1 clarinetist, 1 pianist )


New fundraiser locations in Downtown Orlando's Asian supermarkets including (1st Oriental, iFresh, and New Golden Sparkling)

New activities:

First Step:

  • Presentations such as Arts 101 and Women Engineers by US professionals​. It opens a window for children's imaginations and inspires them to dream big

Care on the Trial:

  • Many children walk miles of mountain to school, often getting caught in the rain. This projects provides umbrellas and rain boots for unprepared little ones

LHOF Mailbox:

  • For kids to voice their struggles and joys, and for LHOF to continue communication and be involved throughout the year

Talent Search Art Program:

  • For kids to draw and write to express their love for life and hope for the future

Team Building:

  • For kids to enhance social relations and define roles within teams while involving collaborative games


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Fourth Year:


We are now 23 American youth strong in our Orlando and West Palm Beach divisions


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were not able to travel to Jiang-Xi or Shan-Xi China this summer. However, we are compensating by planning new activities for the next year

Summer Plans:

Standardized lesson plans:

  • With our team and reach expanding, we hope to bring even more captivating lessons to the children and make sure the content never repeats and progresses every year

Wechat Official Account:

  • Our members are working to develop the LHOF Wechat Offcial Account, which is a platform that allows us to post blogs and videos so that we can keep in touch with the kids throughout the year and continue to bring them new content

  • We will upload content including a greeting/introduction video, English lessons, and our members' Day-In-the-Life vlogs

LHOF Youth Ensemble:

The ensemble now consists of 13 members

  • (2 cellists, 6 violinists, 1 flutist, 1 clarinetist, 2 pianists, and 1 percussionist)

Our group of talented musicians play for a cause: to help inform the public of our purpose and raise funds to support more kids through our programs

Fundraising Events:

In December, our team held several fundraisers

  • Members of our Orlando Orchestra played outside of a Pottery Barn located in Central Florida

  • The West Palm Beach Branch performed in a New Year's show at a Nursing home in PGA

  • Group fundraising at New Golden Sparkling Market

Jiangxi 2019
Shanxi 2019

A Collection of Smiles & Memories: