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LHOF is committed to helping children in poverty-stricken mountain regions of China by providing practical support, expanding their vision, and promoting positive spirit in childhood.

Every summer, members pay their own way for a visit to China and are joined by many local volunteers who are eager to help. 


International Outreach Program

To learn about our involvement in our
local communities as well, click here!

Click here to see our 2017 Trip


Our members hold fundraisers every month to:


Add nutrition to children's meals

Provide raincoats and boots to help the little ones get one safely

Provide school supplies for students including story books

Bring their artwork out of the mountains and into the world

We are taking small steps now to make a difference for them!



During the year...

Our Message

Over the mountains

Across the seas

We traveled 8,400 miles

Touched by these beautiful smiles

Their barren plates

Saddened our hearts

With their trusting embrace

Our sorrows were gone

Living with so little

They smile on

And on...

20190625_Jaymin_SX_5th Grade Dance.jpg

Our members travel 8,400 miles to Linfen and Yichun China to visit the kids on our own budget

We plan a week of lessons and activities specialized to each grade level

Between class periods, our members hang out with the kids and play team building games

On the last day, every grade performs in a closing ceremony with something special they learned during the week


Over summer...


Learn about our Programs!

Nutrition Fund

Weekly protein-rich meals for 300+ undernourished school children.

Talent Search Art Program

A showcase of the children's art to give support to their creativity and help build confidence.

Care on the Trail

Rain boots and raincoats for little ones that walk over a mile to school every morning

First Steps

Training and presentations by professionals to inspire kids to dream big.

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