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Fundraising is how LHOF is able to achieve goals in the programs below

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care on...

1. Care On the Trail Program: 

Many children walk miles of mountain trail to school, often getting caught in the rain. This project provides umbrellas and rain boots for unprepared little ones.


2. Talent Search Art Program: 

Every child is an artist. The Talent Search Art program arouses enthusiasm in kids to draw or write, in any form that they want to use to express their love for life, and hope for the future. By showcasing their talent and building up their confidence, LHOF encourages their enthusiasm for exploring the world. Click here to enjoy kids' art work.


3. Nutrition Fund

In poor rural communities of Central and Western China, about 12.7 million children are experiencing stunted growth due to malnutrition*. The 500+ kids we visited every summer are a clear representation of this group, with noticeably below average height and weight.

We are taking actions to add one nutritious meal per week for a school of ~280 kids as a start. We need to raise $800 every month to achieve this goal. And we certainly hope to benefit more kids in the future.

* Data from United Nations World Food Programme as of June 2016

first steps

4. First Steps: 

Life Skill Enhancement by professionals every summer to educate the kids about personal hygiene, dental care, safety and emergency preparedness, etc.

Onsite and online classes, training, presentations by professionals to inspire kids to dream big.

Currently, we partner with art professionals in China to provide online art classes to kids from 3 schools in South and North China.

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Whatever your reason for donating and however you choose to make your donation,

we are grateful for your support!

Please   help   us   make   a   difference !

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You can make an effort to change the life of a child today

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