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This program sparks enthusiasm

           in kids to draw and write, along with

                      any other form that they want to express

                                   their love love for life, and hope for the future.

Click to Expand!

Click to Expand!

Click to Expand!

Without paint, colored pencils will do;

Without color, black and white will do. 

No lack of tools or things

could stop these little artists' creativity and desire to explore. 

Through these heartfelt works of art and poems,

we peek into a wonderland of vivid imagination 

from the purest of hearts! 


As we present this art collection to the world,

we cannot express our thanks enough to the following teachers

for their continued support and encouragement for the children: 


Mr. Chunming Zou

Ms. Xinxiang Ma

Ms. Benna Guo

Ms. Yanghong Xi


and of course, everyone who has been involved in this inspiring project!

Stay tuned for more artwork in the future...

Talent Search Art Program

Every child is an artist

Season 2
coming soon!

season 1

Click here to support our little artists

By showcasing their talent and building

             up their  confidence, LHOF encourages

                                   their desire to explore the world.

Art Collection from the Mountains

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