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"Out of Many, One" Friday Talks

run by youth and for youth

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October 9, 2020

October 9, 2020

Civic Engagement in Central Florida:

Troubled Youth, Education, Homelessness, Poverty

Where do we find struggling communities?

How do we interact with people in need?

How can students help nonprofits in their own communities?


We invited Dr. Jie Yu, Associate Professor and Dept. Chair of Education at Rollins College, to discuss these issues with us.


Her specializations include multicultural education, primary curriculum studies,  narrative inquiry and phenomenology.


Dr. Yu’s class, EDU 280: Diversity in American Education, instructs college students on the merits of volunteering for a variety of Central Florida nonprofits.


Recently, she has presented webinars for parents struggling to adjust their kids in the virtual learning environment.

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