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5th Annual Russel Home Gala

On October 7th, The Russel Home for Atypical Children held a gala including an auction at the Rosen Plaza Hotel to raise money for the Russell Home.

LHOF members including Matthew, Emma, Leah, Colette, Keaton, Jessica, and Sofia signed up to help. At the start of the event, some volunteers welcomed guests to the Gala and brought them to registration, while others helped guests connect to the app to participate in a silent auction. During dinner, a video played, which explaining the purpose for Russell Home, as well as where the money raised by the auction would go. As everyone was finishing their dinner, the live auction started, and the bidding began. During the bidding, our volunteers kept track of each visitor’s bid as well who won each item. After the live auction the volunteers helped the guests carry their winnings to their cars as they prepared to leave.

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