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Our Members!

Jiangxi Team of 2019
Shanxi Team of 2019

Jeanette Gu

Hi! My name is Jeanette Gu and I am currently a high school senior! My most treasured memory with LHOF was dancing the daily exercises along with the schoolchildren. I've been so lucky to be able to meet, teach, and love such sweet and hardworking kids. I'm proud to be a part of the LHOF organization and will always strive to share what I've learned with my local community. It is truly a challenging, yet rewarding experience!


Ricky Cheng

My favorite memory was when we departed. Although I wanted to stay with them much longer, it was my favorite memory because after an amazing yet heartfelt week, the children bombarded me with handmade gifts while we exchanged tears. 


Maggie Yuan

Hello, my name is Maggie Yuan. Currently, I am a junior attending Trinity Preparatory. For the past three years, I have been a part of Limitless Horizons of Florida, and traveled to China to volunteer for 2 years. One year I spent in Jiangxi, while the other one I spent in Shanxi. The organization has taught me a lot about my own circumstances as well as informing me about the circumstances of those less fortunate than us. Through LHOF, we help to introduce a part of the outside world to the children at the school, who otherwise would not venture from their hometown. It truly has made an impact on both the children, as well as ourselves within the organization.


Audrey Li

My name is Audrey Li and I am a high school sophomore. Being a part of LHOF has been a great experience for the past three years, from fundraising here in FL to traveling to China to visit the kids over summer. I love playing the flute and through this organization, I am able to raise money through music by being a part of the LHOF Youth Ensemble. It's always a heartbreak to leave the kids after every visit, but I know I will go back next summer to bring them another week of fun lessons, activities, and stories. This organization has also pushed me to better my Chinese and presentation skills and I am grateful for how much I have grown by being a part of it.


Frank Yang

Coming out of the deep crevices within secluded areas of China, a new sense of reasoning was laid in stone within me. New understanding of the world around me, the gratefulness I should have for my life, and the fact that there is no limit on the joy of an individual. 


Jaymin Zhu

It is no exaggeration to say that I came back from last year’s mountain trip with a mountain of memories that I still cherish months after. From the first train ride there to the last bus ride back there was nothing dull about the whole experience at all, and was definitely one of the best summers of my life. Meeting new people and becoming close friends with them taught me a lot about how to be myself, and interaction with others, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.


Jessica Sekunna

My name is Jessica Sekunna. I am 13 years old. I feel like I have learned from this volunteer experience more than I have given out. Participating in this wonderful charity work with my friends makes it much more enjoyable. I think it would be a great eye-opening experience for any kids around my age.


Austin Yuan

My name is Austin Yuan and I'm currently a freshman in high school. I enjoy playing music through piano and percussion, and I currently fence as a sport. This Limitless Horizons organization has really shown me some of the impacts I can make on my own community, and also has helped me learn to teach others. I always enjoy connecting and meeting all the new kids each year, and it allows the trips each year to be really fun. I'm looking forward to future trips, and all the different experiences I can gain from them!


My favorite memory in the program was during the mountain trip when I got to teach the kids as well as spend time with my peers. They have different kinds of traditions and food there, it was fun to get to know the place better. I learned how to be a better teacher and understand children more, as well as their busy schedules and daily routines. 


My name is Benjamin Sekunna. I am 15 years old. Volunteering at LHOF offers me opportunities to help small children in need and see the world across the globe. I cherish the trust and friendship from those Chinese children who taught me to be grateful and humble. 

Benjamin Sekunna

Kelsey Wang

Victoria Zhang

Hi! My name is Victoria Zhang and I am currently in 7th grade at Trinity Preparatory School. I have three sisters: Maggie, Sunny, and Iris. Some of my interests are dance, choir, swimming even though I’m bad at it, piano, and gymnastics. I enjoyed teaching the kindergarteners last year, and I hope I can teach the same group this year for first grade. 


Alexander Wang

My name is Alexander Wang and I am a 10th grader at Trinity Preparatory School. I’ve always been interested and eager to participate in charity events and give to the community. In a fundraiser this past year, I enjoyed playing violin to help gain supporters and spread awareness to help these underprivileged kids in China.


Hello, I’m Katie Yang. I’ve been with limitless horizons for three years now. My favorite part is seeing all of the kids smile when we arrive. My favorite memory was during the last few days of our trip, the kids were asking us for signatures and that made me happy knowing that they appreciated our lessons.


My favorite moment of this trip is when the students performed a show. It showed me how much they learned and progressed. 


I feel very happy that I am helping and teaching these kids. I am sometimes worried about their health because they don’t have the money to get meat and kids bodies need to have meat. I want to do something so they can get the nutrition they need.


Emma Cheng

Simon Wang

Katie Yang


My name is Matthew Gu. I joined LHOF in 2018 at 10 years old. Some of my favorite hobbies are doing Kung-Fu, reading, playing tennis and watching funny videos. I also love playing video games. Helping fellow students learn while playing and laughing alongside them has been a treasure.


Nolan Wen

My name is Nolan Wen and this was my first year volunteering for Limitless Horizons of Florida. I had a great, eye-opening experience with all of the students in the remote school. I realized my passion for helping others from this experience, and I will continue to volunteer and help others that are less fortunate.


Victor Wang

My name is Victor Wang and I am a 10th grader at Trinity Preparatory School. I enjoy spreading awareness to help the underprivileged kids in China. Seeing kids live without basic food and education has made me grateful for what I have, and I should try to help out others in need.


Max Zhang

Our former member 

For me, the best moments of this trip is when every morning I woke up, I got to go around the school and act like a teacher while talk and have fun with the students.

2019.07.19_5th classroom_ Alfa Boy Scout

Alpha Zan

Our former member

Matthew Gu

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